papadum express microwave tray

The World's first Papadum cooking microwave tray.

Cook many in minutes... fast, Oil Free, Fat Free. Easy-to-clean.

Planning a big event? Expecting to serve Papadums to 50 guests or more?
Then you need the Papadum Express 4 pack. Bang out Papadums through the
event and move them around with unbelievable speed using all 4 Papadum
Express trays. The Papadum Express will keep the Papadums flowing without a
problem. Reducing the time and burden of preparing Papadums for a large
gathering of people, unbelievably easily!

Stack, Whack and Serve multiple Papadums, quick and easy.
The first, in our specially patented and designed, Papadum Cookware series. A
kitchen lovers utility. A must have item for Papadum cooking. A fun & useful
microwave tray for all your Papadum occasions.

Enjoy making Papadums with kids, families & friends.
The fastest multiple Papadum cooking.. ever!

* Papadums or Papads not included.

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Papadum Express: Microwave Tray
TV Commercial HD

Papadum Express: Technical Specs

Ultra superior plastic
High durability tested
Top rack dishwasher safe
Stack, Cook and Serve multiple Papadums
Moisture evaporation design for crisp Papadums every-time.

The Papadum Express Microwave Cooking Tray is on a path to revolutionize the way Papadums, Poppadoms, Pappadums or Papads are cooked and consumed, all over the world.

papadum express microwave tray